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Working from home is every office worker’s dream, right? But how do you stay on track and not get caught up in those endless procrastination loops? When you don’t have to go into the office, it’s easy to get distracted (REAL easy!) by all the comforts and demands of home life and while I may not have any kids, we still have 8 cats…and they can be a handful at times! So whether it’s a sudden urge to do housework all day long, that would be me, or the immediate need for snacks, or whatever it may be, before you know it, you’ve frittered away a few hours, or more, and not got any actual paid work done.

So how can you take back control and avoid procrastination when you’re working at home?

Try these helpful tips…

1.) Make An Office Space

Part of your procrastination problem is that your home is a relaxation space. When you’re in an office, everything is geared towards work and getting the job done. Home is about chillaxing, housework, familial responsibilities, etc. You need to carve out some space that is just for your work. A separate home office is a perfect solution, but having a proper desk setup also works. You can set yourself up with a water bottle and a bowl of fruit (or whatever!) for healthy snacking and to stop those regular trips to the kitchen! 

2.) Learn To Prioritize

Be professional in organizing your time. Use a planner or a journal for deadlines and allot time in your day for particular tasks. If you’re a morning person, get your demanding or thought-heavy tasks done in the first half of the day. If you’re a night owl, you can choose to work late or use morning time to sort emails or do admin work. Make a daily task list and check things off as you achieve them. That last achievement will feel like a slam-dunk! 

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3.) Stay Motivated

Research has shown that lack of motivation is a crucial driver of procrastination. Gee, really?! So if your motivation is low, there’s little reason to get on with your work.

If you find it hard to stay focused on your work, consider using rewards to boost your motivation. It can be as simple as choosing to do a work task before you check social media or have a movie night to celebrate hitting a milestone. If you’re struggling, try reframing each piece of work as money in your pocket.

4.) Use Apps

Technology can be your friend in defeating procrastination. You can choose from several apps that will freeze distracting social media while you work. You can also choose to have a separate browser that is only used for work. Time tracking apps will help you see what you’re achieving, and as they generate reports, it will also help when it comes time to check your bottom line, which is money, of course! 

Well, not everything is about money, but you will certainly see where you may need improvement with how you manage your time and help you to stop procrastinating. 

I know a lot of this is common sense, but sometimes when you work from home, it really is totally different than going to work outside of your home everyday.

I hope you found this post helpful and useful!

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