Perfectionism is a continuous obsession to be perfect. Perfectionists obsess over one thing that must remain perfect at all times due to a fear of failure. Common things to obsess over include (but not limited to) career, social acceptance, life goals, body image, academics, sports, or facial appearance. To avoid falling into the perfectionism cycle, practice these tips daily.

Embrace Mistakes

In school, various teachers emphasize mistakes and failures are bad while successes are good. This mentality created many perfectionists who won’t try new things. In life, mistakes and failure are lessons. If people viewed mistakes and failure as a teaching tool, it makes setbacks easier to accept. Schools are adapting to life’s teachings, so perfectionists should embrace life’s teachings too.

Erase The Uncompromising Approach

Why add an all-or-nothing stipulation to everything? The correct question to ask is “why is there an all-or-nothing stipulation?” Life is infinite. Life’s vantage point offers boundless possibilities to solve a problem that the mind didn’t examine. There’s room for compromise or happy mediums. Perfectionists cannot fathom that because they demand total control over their lives. Still, perfectionists can break the inflexible approach if they embrace mistakes and failure first.

Focus On The Journey

Obsessive perfectionists stressing over a real or imaginary destination is never satisfying. A satisfying outlook is appreciating the journey by smelling every rose. Concentrate on self-fulfillment and purpose and enjoy the process. Understand that progress and results will come, but it won’t arrive on a set timetable.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

With little evidence, perfectionists assume the best of everyone else and the worst of themselves. This creates comparisons, which leads to competition, which leads to rash decision-making, which leads to consequences and reverberations. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media add fuel to a perfectionist’s fire.

The reality is everyone else is displaying a facade of his or her best selves without flaws. Besides, everyone has a separate race to run, and it doesn’t coincide with your marathon. Therefore, say positive things daily, show self-gratitude, and focus on your journey. People comparisons are detours and dead ends designed to prevent and hinder personal success.

Reward Yourself

Congratulate yourself on small and big accomplishments by spoiling yourself on self-indulgence and incentives often. A cheat day, a spa, a vacation, a massage, and a baseball game are great examples of rewarding pleasures. Celebrate (for example) a test passed, a winning bid, a job promotion, or advice that worked like a charm. The rewards system is beneficial for recharging batteries too.

Perfectionism is beneficial when used correctly and self-destructive when used incorrectly. Find a healthy balance between ambition and perfectionism with these reality checks above. Breaking perfectionism requires baby steps taken one situation at a time. Surround yourself with a loving support system who will keep perfectionism far, far away.

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