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Organization is key to keeping your entire life on track. If you struggle with staying organized, you likely notice other problems arising because of it. Maybe you struggle with maintaining a schedule, finding the tools you need or staying on task at work or at home. Regardless of your struggles, learning how to get better organized is key to solving them.

 Consider these ten habits to encourage more organization in your day to day life…

Habit 1: Get A Calendar & Actually Use It 

Don’t just buy a new calendar to ignore it. Get into the habit of actually using it to organize your schedule. With this habit, you’ll be far less likely to miss important dates, deadlines, appointments, and more – especially if you make a point to check and update it each day. 

Habit 2: Choose 1 or 2 Priority Items To Finish Each Day & Focus On Those Tasks First 

When your to-do list seems impossibly long, try prioritizing the tasks on it. Choose one or two that you need to finish first, and make those your top priorities to finish that day. Determine what can be completed later so you can table those tasks for another time. This habit helps you stay on top of what is most important, ensuring that you’re getting things done without feeling overwhelmed. 

Habit 3: Start Decluttering All Of Your Spaces One At A Time 

When your personal spaces are dirty and disorganized, it can be a challenge to focus and get anything done. Rather than giving up at the sight of all the mess and clutter, commit to cleaning and organizing one space at a time to make the job less intimidating.

For example, you can get into the habit of cleaning out your car one day, and then your bedroom the next day, and then your closet the next day. Tackling different spaces one at a time makes the job much more manageable. 

Habit 4: Adopt The “Three Minutes Or Less” Rule 

When you find yourself faced with a quick and easy-to-complete task that will take you less than three minutes to finish, challenge yourself to go ahead and do it. Getting into this habit will stop tasks from piling on top of each other, creating an impossibly long to-do list over time. 

Habit 5: Build Routines Around Getting Ready For Bed & Stick To Them

 Good routines are the backbone of being organized. This is one I still struggle with. Set up a strong routine for your bedtime and stick to this habit – it will prepare you for success the next morning. You can set out your outfit, pack your lunch, get your bags together and get ready for a relaxing bedtime that will leave you feeling prepared and ready to sleep well. 

Habit 6: Use Timers To Keep Yourself Focused & On Track While You’re Working On A Task 

Struggle with keeping your time organized? Get into the habit of using a timer to measure exactly how much time you want to spend on a task before refocusing yourself on something different. For example, you can set a timer for thirty minutes to work on a project, and at the end of the timer, you know to shift your focus to something else that also needs your attention. 

Habit 7: Clean Out Your Backpack, Purse Or Other Daily Bag Once Per Week

 Whatever bag you normally carry each day should be cleaned out often. It’s likely that you toss whatever you get into your bag, creating a big, cluttered mess over time. Amid all the receipts, snack wrappers, and other tidbits of daily living are essential items that you actually need to be able to find and access quickly. Get into the habit of cleaning out your everyday bag at least once per week to keep it as organized as possible. 

Habit 8: Set Personal Deadlines That Are Slightly Sooner Than The Actual Ones 

Get into the habit of setting deadlines that are slightly sooner than the actual deadline you’re working toward. So say you have a project due on Friday, set a personal deadline to finish it Thursday. This ensures that you aren’t working up to the very last minute by rushing yourself and doing a potentially sloppy job. It also gives you a chance to review your work and make edits if necessary. 

Habit 9: Treat Your Personal Time Like The Limited & Precious Resource It Is 

You only get 24 hours in a day, so treat your time like a limited and precious resource. Make being careful with your personal time a serious habit. Protect it, schedule it wisely and use it as efficiently as possible. Finding ways to carefully honor your time is a great way to keep your entire schedule organized and focused. 

Habit 10: Become A Note Taker 

Carrying around a notepad and pen is a great way to keep yourself organized. Think of your notepad as a personal depository for new information, random thoughts, and important things people tell you. When you hear it or learn it, add the information to the notepad so you can revisit and address it later when you have time to focus on it properly. This way, you don’t forget anything important while also staying on track with your original task.

So there you have it, 10 habits to help you stay organized. Even if you do just a few of them, it will still be helpful to becoming organized.

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