Overcoming Perfectionism

Hi, my name is Jessica Fish. Welcome to my website, jessicafish.me. I’ve learned a lot on my journey to becoming a blogger and online marketer. It’s been a long and difficult road…not only because it’s actually hard to make a name for yourself online, but it actually takes a lot work, every day, or most days, to get out there and get noticed. It’s a daily struggle for me because I battle with perfectionism daily. While it has been a rough road of ups and downs and four years in the making, I’m finally gaining traction. While four years may not sound like a long time to some and maybe too long for others, it truly has been just that…a struggle and a daily battle with my brain.
I have so many wonderful ideas and helpful resources to share with you and it’s taken so long to get here and I’m still not where I want to be! So please, bear with me on this journey because I truly feel your pain if you’re struggling daily as I do. 

My Goal

So let me start by saying this…I’m truly glad you’re here and along for the ride with me. I want my website to be a place where you can come to for inspiration, motivation and perhaps even relief from a terrible day, because we all have ’em! I want you to be able to have access to free resources that I think will be helpful to you and to others because I also believe that if you love my free resources, you’ll come back and become a subscriber and maybe even a customer!

So, take a look around, get comfortable and stay a while. While my site is still fairly new, I will be constantly updating it so if you run into a link that doesn’t work, an error or some sort or just have a question about something, please let me know…I’m here to help!

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